Gold Coast newborn photographer | Reasons why you should get Maternity photos
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Reasons why you should get Maternity photos

Reasons why you should get Maternity photos


Why get maternity photos done? 

 Celebrate your pregnancy ~ Some women love being pregnant another struggle for many different reasons. Whether or not you love how you look, a professional photography session will make you feel beautiful.

Family ~ Pregnancy is not only about your journey to motherhood but also about your family. It doesn’t matter if this is your first, second or fourth baby, capturing such a special time for all your family is a wonderful thing to do.

Freeze a moment in time ~ Once your baby is here be it your first or fourth everything changes. Life, as you know it will forever be changed so being able to look back on that moment and see how far you have come, is so important.

The anticipation ~ Having a baby is such an exciting time the joy of new life about to arrive, counting down the days till they will be welcomed to the world is so special. Having these photos you can cherish that feeling and memory forever.

 Siblings~ Your maternity session can be a great time for other children to bond with your new baby and have fun. It helps them feel a part of the journey and realise just how special this time is for the whole family. Its a celebration of their new sibling.

Big reveal ~ You can use your maternity session to reveal something such as the babies name or gender. You might not have shared the special news with everyone yet. People will love finding out this information through photos.