Gold Coast newborn photographer | 5 things to consider before booking your newborn photographer
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5 things to consider before booking your newborn photographer

5 things to consider before booking your newborn photographer

1) Safety safety safety I can’t say it enough!!

There are a lot of newborn photographers, but are they trained in posing baby safety and how to use props that are suitable for your baby? Safety is my first priority when working with newborn babies. When you choose the Gold Coast newborn photographer you can be reassured that your baby is in safe hands. I have completed training on how to pose your baby safely and how to choose and work with props so your baby is safe and sound at all times. The room temperature is continually checked throughout your session to make sure it is perfect ambient temperature for your baby.

2) Your baby is unique

Just like us all babies are different, some like to be naked some prefer to be wrapped. Some get hot easily, some need to stay warm. As a mum of two, I could go on for days just how different my children are. I understand the importance of listening to your baby because they are all so individual. Not all babies go into every pose so it is important you choose a photographer that follows your babies cues so that he or she is comfortable at all times.

3) Style and setups

What colour is your babies nursery or which colours are you most drawn to? These are some of the questions I ask my clients so that I can style and design setups that they will love. As a graphic designer for the past 10 years, I have a keen eye for colours that work together and how to style beautiful setups for you. My studio at Varsity lakes on the Gold Coast has a large range of props, outfits and wraps so your images can be styled to your liking.

4) skills

What skills does your photographer have? As a graphic designer, not only do I have a keen eye for details and style but I have extensive knowledge of editing software. Each photo you receive will be professionally edited and processed. I have studied photography extensively and I am always training to keep up to date with the latest software and equipment.

5) The photographer

Lastly, can you tell that your photographer is passionate about what they do? I am continually attending workshops and training because I LOVE what I do!! People spend so much on their wedding photography but in my eyes the day you bring a new life into the world far outweighs any other moment that has been or will be. Therefore, I am so honoured to capture these memories for you forever. As a mum of two, I have been where you are and I remember those sleepless nights, so you will find me warm, understanding and friendly. I am happy to share tips or tricks I have learnt over the years. I have had many years of settling newborn, babies and children so you can be confident I will do everything in my power to help your little ones feel comfortable throughout the session.