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Facts & Questions

What is more special then your babies first year? As a mum of two I know just how fast it can go. This package includes three sessions at milestone ages. Highlighting your babies’ development at 3-4 months or when they can push up on their chest.
What sets you apart from other photographers?
I specialise in newborn photography. Why is that important? Because I have hundreds of hours of training, focusing completely on the art of newborn photography. I can pose and create timeless images for you to hang on your walls to cherish forever. I am big with customer service and so I will always be there for you if you ever have a question.

I will go the extra mile to give you the most amazing experience. I have been a graphic designer for over 10 years so I have an eye for colour, composition, styles, and textures. I understand what will work well together as well as extensive knowledge of editing software. That will give your images that special finishing touch.

I am outgoing and friendly and I treat my clients like friends, and they often become just that. You will find me easy to talk to and comfortable to be around.

When is the best age to photograph newborns?
Between 6-15 days old is the ideal time to photograph your new baby. During this small window of opportunity, they are nice and sleepy and can curl into adorable poses. This is also the time that they are also the most comfortable during their session.

After 2 weeks it is definitely still possible to still achieve beautiful photos but as they become more alert it does become a lot harder to get those beautiful sleepy poses. It is therefore ideal to book your newborn session while you are still pregnant.

Can I print my files myself?
You sure can, but I highly recommend printing with me I only print at professional print labs, that do not serve the public. This means your colours will be exactly as I see them on my computer which is calibrated directly to their specific printers. This will give you the best reproduction of your images.

Some cheaper companies print with cheaper paper stock and ink so you may notice some differences in colours and I can not guarantee these prints. 

Do you photograph births?
Yes, I do!!, but this is dependent on the hospital and the obstetrician’s approval to have a photographer in the delivery room. I do C-sections and natural birth options.
Do you photograph births?
Yes, I do!!, but this is dependent on the hospital and the obstetrician’s approval to have a photographer in the delivery room. I do C-sections and natural birth options.
Will we get the print release to our photos after our session?
Yes, absolutely! at your session I will ask you to sign my release form so you can use your files how you wish for personal use.
When will we get to see and select our images?
For studio sessions, your images will be uploaded around one week after your session with two edited as finished examples. After you have selected your images I will professionally edit all your chosen images and order your prints.

Hi-resolution digitals will be delivered within two weeks by electronic download from your online personal gallery. You will be contacted as soon as your prints are ready for collection.

How many setups in a newborn session?
For a full newborn photography session, there will be 3-5 setups plus family posing, depending on how settled the baby is.
How do we reserve our session date?
Your session fee or gift card holders holding a deposit will secure your session. Babies are unpredictable, and so your session is able to be moved once your baby arrives be it earlier later.

If you do cancel within 48 hours prior to your session, a reschedule fee of $150 will be required to secure the next available spot. This is why it is very important to keep in contact leading up to the birth.

I will check in with you about 10 days before our session to check if the baby has been born, you will need to allow a few days at home to rest before coming to the studio.

How many photographs will there be to choose from?
If the baby is settled, I can guarantee 30 beautiful images to choose from.
Can I chose props and colours?
Yes of course in fact after you book, I will send you a small questionnaire to get to know more about you and your family as well as find out the colours you may have in mind so I can style your session accordingly. I also suggest you look over my website and let me know if there is a particular prop you would love to use.

Of course if you want me to take full creative control that’s fine as well. 1-2 days before your session I will send you some photos of the prop setups. We can always make small changes on the day but having it ready means we can get started right away.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, I offer Payright Interest-free finance. If you’re depending on using this payment method, we will need to submit your information for pre-approval before selecting a date. It’s really easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes to get an answer back from Payright.
Can I just buy the minimum package?
You can, but most people don’t once they see all your stunning images. This time is so fleeting and you will want to keep all these special memories of your babies first few days
What happens if my baby is unsettled or awake?
Don’t stress about that part of the session. It’s half of the fun with working with babies, I have many tricks up my sleeve to settle and calm your baby and wide awake shots can be amazing.

I will photograph your baby awake for a short time before we wrap and comfort your baby into sleep. Only babies that are in deep sleep can be unwrapped and posed in naked or semi-naked poses. Please try to have no expectations for your precious new baby. The main thing is getting beautiful photos, not forcing them to do poses they’re not comfortable doing.

If your baby is crying and we can’t settle them with what we know usually works, we can always discuss rescheduling.

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